Montage et Laminage - Photo Soft

Images can be mounted on a variety of surfaces

  • Cardboard: 40 pts soft white cardboard
  • Converd board: White rigid cardboard 1.5 mm ou 3 mm thick, max. 48×96″
  • Styrene: Plastic sheets .040 pouce thick, max. 48×96″
  • Coroplast: Corrugated Plastic Sheets 3mm ou 10mm thick
  • Foamcore: clay-coated foam board 3/16″ inch thick, max. 48×96″ – Lightweight
  • Gatorfoam: extruded polystyrene foam bonded between two layers of wood-fiber veneer – max. 48×96″

We can also add a UV protection to your prints to make them last longer.

And we put grommets to banners.

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